3D Visit : Live in the Past !

3D Visit : Live in the Past

3D Visit : Live in the Past


It all began 1,000 years ago in the Middle Ages !


Put the tablet in the 3D head-set, put them on, and go back in time !


Live in the Past – sit down, turn your head from side to side and find yourself in a new universe. You can walk about and run – but be careful ! Because it is all virtual, after all !


So here you are – all alone in the past. Are you ready to see new things ?


Travel trough different hidden and turbulent periods of history.


Here is the castle mound and its wooden watch – tower – don’t get dizzy – you are in the 10th century ! This mound and tower are the foundation of a history, witch continues to this day.

Réservez votre visite 3D au château de Selles sur Cher

Pay attention, travellers – the journey is just beginning…


Meet Joan of Arc and her worst ennemy Georges de la Trémouille !


Then enjoy a coach arriving in the courtyard of château in the 17th century


Finally lets meet some american soldiers who arrived in 1917.


All this, through the head-sets


So, Live in the Past, by using this 3D Visit !

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