The winery and wine of the chateau

The winery occupies the old stables of the medieval castle. We are quietly making the cuvee du Chateau de Selles-sur-Cher in tanks, before transferring it to oak barrels where it will mature before bottling.

A winery must have existed in the 13th century since there is a history of wine-making in the region of the Loire Valley going back 2000 years. The romans had already planted the vineyards near Nantes. We do not know where the winery of Robert de Courtenay was situated.


The tradition of wine-making in the castle of Selles-sur-Cher goes back to the 13th century to the time when Robert de Courtenay was the head wine-master for King Louis VII.

Robert de Courtenay had an important role in managing the royal vineyards- maintenance of the vines, production of the wine, and its keeping. In other words, the entire management of royal wine production.


Today, as proprietors of a winery in Chatillon-sur-Cher, we have reintroduced wine in the chateau.

For educational reasons, we have planted a small amount of vines Gamay Rouge, Cot Rouge,

Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet Franc in the court-yard of the medieval castle. These grapes will provide a small quantity of wine which we hope will be exceptional.


It takes 3 years for a vine to give its first grapes. But whilst waiting to gather our small crop from the chateau, we are working at the chateau with grapes from our vineyard. So, in 2017, we will taste the first cuvee du chateau de Selles-Sur-Cher of the year 2016.


We are selling at the chateau the wine from our Domaine des Souterrains situated in Chatillon-sur-Cher from the area AOC Touraine Chenonceaux.


So it’s possible to taste at the chateau before buying our wine.