The medieval architecture

In the chateau of Selles-sur-Cher, medieval military architecture is still to be seen everywhere.


This is clearly visible from the gate. On the left, at the southern angle, is the tower of the coq which remains from the 13th century. One can clearly see the defensive holes in the wall to the east of the tower, and the latrines very visible on the northwest side.

This tower was part of a defense system of 9 towers linked by a round walkway called the courtine.

The medieval chateau as we imagine it to be where chevaliers and princesses lived is situated on the west. Made up of two great towers on either side of the entrance. There was another wing on the other side of the gateway. Originally, the entrance to the west was defended by a moat which exists, a drawbridge which is now a bridge, a portcullis now disappeared, which were to defend the heavy wooden door, but the marks in the wall for the working of the portcullis are still intact under the porch.

Above, the holes in the stone for boiling oil completed the defense system, from which soldiers used to throw not only boiling oil – too expensive- but excrement, rubbish and boiling water.

Also, one can see around the two towers, traces which remain of slits and holes for the use of archers and guns.

Attacks were expected to arrive from the west, which is seen in the provision of defense methods.

Finally, notice the invisible strength, which was an important part of the defense used in the middle ages- the thickness of the walls. Here two meters thick!

To give you a better idea, it would take an entire day to pierce the walls from one side to the other.