Little pet farm

In the chateau of Selles-sur-Cher, you can meet our animals in the small farm, for the pleasure of children and adults alike.

At the end of your visit of the chateau, you can walk freely amongst goats and small sheep in the farm enclosure. They are always hungry and you can buy a pot of grain to feed our little friends-children love it. Our two geese will also come to meet you, and you can eadmire our hens and rabbits. Children and adults do not be surprised to see a battalion of goats running to you when you arrive. Goats will eat anything.

Our animals are looked after daily by a team of volunteers who take great care of them and protect them. At the chateau of Selles-sur-Cher, our animals live their whole life without interruption. They leave us when nature decides.


During school time or in the holidays, our farm is open the whole year, as is the chateau. Children and adults, small and tall, can take advantage of this animal experience, not always available in daily life.

Portrait de Philippe de Béthune dessiné sur le livret jeux